Stump Grinding Central Louisiana

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Professional Stump Grinding

The best way to remove an unwanted tree stump in your yard is stump grinding. Our stump grinding service is performed with a stump grinder, which uses specific machinery to grind your tree stump. Our grinder is portable and we will use it to grind your stump down four to six inches below the ground. This completely removes the stump from sight. 


Once we have completed the stump grinding, we can fill the hole with the stump grinding shavings or bring in dirt to fill the hole from the stump that has been removed.


After grinding the tree stump, we remove all debris created in the process to leave your yard in excellent condition without the need to clean up any debris from stump grinding.


Removing a stump from your property removes the possibility of pests making a home in the stump left standing in your yard. By grinding the stump down past ground level you are also left with additional space in your outdoor area to use however you choose.


We are the leading stump grinding company in Central Louisiana.

Root Removal

For customers who would like to remove the tree stump & roots, we also perform tree root removal service. Our professional team will remove the stump and roots efficiently. We can also fill the hole with the stump grinding material or bring in dirt to fill in the hole that remains after the tree roots have been removed. As with all our services, we will remove the debris created in the process so you don’t have to worry about it.


Should You Remove the Tree Roots?


Deciding to remove the tree roots along with the stump can depend on a variety of factors. If you are unsure if you’d like full root removal, our team at Dirt Cheap Tractor Work & More LLC can answer your questions to help you decide.


Stump grinding & root removal can be included with any tree removal service to completely remove the tree from your property from top to bottom all at once.


As a full tree service company, DCTW proudly serves all of Central Louisiana with stump grinding and root removal services.